Endorsed Without Reservation

Endorsed Without Reservation


Word of mouth recommendation is said to be one of the most important things that can happen for a product, service or person etc. 

We all know that when a trusted friend tells us that they have just come across something that adds a great deal of value to their lives, then we have a habit of sitting up and taking notice. It occured to me that an online endorsement may be even more powerful.

A verbal endorsement may be remembered for a short amount of time, but if something inspires a person to actually put that recommendation in print form, then the lasting effect of that could be profound .

Weeks, months and even years later that endorsement might have a tremendously positive effect on the recipient.

I think it is wonderful when one finds that a third party has praised something so much that another feels compelled to try it out for themselves.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with advertising that tries to get the response that a few simple words from a trusted source achieves far more easily. Friends, family and work colleagues etc , are far more likely to influence our future decisions than even the most massively funded advertising campaigns.

This is a wonderful thing and allows small and medium sized businesses in particular, the chance to compete with even the most wealthy corporations.

So with this in mind .... I thought why not get the ball rolling so to speak & endorse something online , right here , right now ?


In the hope that the following ( unpaid ) endorsement might just persuade someone to visit something that may add value to their lives ,,,, allow me to pronounce ,,,,

ENDORSED WITHOUT RESERVATION .... by me .... is a charitable organisation called Traidcraft.

http://traidcraft.co.uk/about_traidcraft  is the link to their website where you can find out all about what they do and why.

This company is a fair trade organisation, fighting poverty through trade.

They make a huge difference to adults and children throughout the developing world.

Established in 1979 they are one of the UK's fair trade pioneers and I strongly recommend that people take the time to check out as much as they can about them.

If you also think they deserve further exposure to the world ,,,,, feel free to share the information with a friend !


If you have an endorsement to share, perhaps you can post details in the comment box below.

I'd love to hear about any special businesses, people, books, holiday resorts etc. 

In fact anything at all that you feel warrants a well-deserved mention.

Perhaps it's worth sharing right here on the "Thoughts" forum.     





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