May I Be So Bold As To Ask ... ?

May I Be So Bold As To Ask .... ?


Do you send ...

Birthday Cards, Note Cards, Congratulations, Thank You Cards, Invitations, Get Well Soon Cards, etc


... to your business clients?

...... to your suppliers?

......... to your work colleagues & associates?

............ not forgetting friends and families of course!



Would you perhaps be kind enough to consider keeping a collection of Phoenix Trading products on hand for such occasions and people?

Even in this age of high-tech solutions, a simple greetings card, that shows someone that they are in your thoughts, is usually gratefully received & remembered. Handwritten notes can ( and do ) have a profound impact!

The 'little' extra touch, can make you stand out from the crowd. Do you agree?


In the hope that you see the benefits and advantages of keeping a stock of our award winning products, please allow me to introduce you to my website ....


Do please take the time to browse through the various pages, and by all means, if you have any thoughts or opinions do send them my way.

All feedback and comments are most welcome.


Carl Watson

Independent Phoenix Trader

Sheffield ; England 

Tel: 0114 2645 920



Twitter Username:  @Marketing_Cards




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