Up until a short time ago I had compiled a Twitter list that was titled .... People-i-Respect . For reasons that I won't go into at this present moment I decided to delete that list.

For the record ; I'd like to very clearly point out that my act of deleting the list doesn't mean I have lost respect for the people who were on it. However, it occured to me that it may be necessary to try and stop a potential misunderstanding regarding my thoughts towards certain individuals. As it is around about a month ago since the list was removed, it may be that this post is a little to late !

With that in mind, I'll proceed by endeavouring to reassure a handful of people who were on that list that they do indeed retain my respect. Prior to writing this article it did of course occur to me that each of you may not care one jot whether I have respect for you or not. Indeed you may not have been aware of the existence of the list in the first place. Still, I feel the urge to clarify my position regardless of the fact that each of you may not have given it a moments thought.

Picking out a few people in no particular order I simply say that each of you does indeed retain a very high level of respect from me.

" I put it to the jury your honour ,,,, that perhaps the very existence of this blog post makes this statement incontrovertibly true ! "


By now any readers of this post may be thinking for God's sake Mr Muccazino, get on with it ,,,, put some names forward.

OK here goes ,,,,


Cathryn Wellner @StoryRoute ~ " Writer, storyteller, foodie, enviro, animal lover, photoenthusiast, traveller - opinionated but open to changing my mind. I wake up eager to start the day." ~

Mark Prosser @YuCanDu ~ " at the golf club ~ happy go lucky, fun and focussed - like meeting kindred spirits - husband and father of three wonderful children !! " ~

Lorraine Phillips @lorraine_phill ~ " Atlanta, GA ~ Publishingconsultant ( social media, editorial, branding and design ). Author of Amazon best-seller Online Book Marketing " ~

Taft T. Mohair II   @TaftMohair   ~ " Pearland, Texas ; Teaching people to create the SUCCESS they desire ! " ~    htthtt h

Marilyn Guadagnino @abandontheherd ~ " Rochester, New York ~ Licenced Therapist, mediator, musician and photographer sharing my insights and experiences on the road to enlightenment and stress free living. " ~

Ryan Biddulph @RyanBiddulph ~ " Plainfield, NJ ; I help you improve your financial situation with a private home-based opportunity called cash gifting. Hop on board the giving train with The Peoples Program." ~ 


Guess this list could go on a long time .... so I'll stop at this point !

Many other people were on my no longer available Twitter list & like the people above most do still maintain my full respect ,,,, but if I carry on naming names ,,,, I'll simply be reproducing the same list all over again. Not really what I wanted to do :))



Right ... job done ... what's next on my to-do list ?  

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