Username ~ MUCCAZINO ~ What's the story ?

Username "Muccazino" what's the story ?

On this forum & on Twitter too, I am using the name "Muccazino". Some of my followers ( have I got any ? ) may wonder where this Username came from ; indeed I was asked only yesterday. So ~ here is the story ,,,,

I guess it really came about as a result of trying to raise awareness of the plight of a young boy named Jacob.

A few months ago Mark Rogers, a work colleague of mine asked if I would like to join him at a fundraising event in aid of a young boy named Jacob who suffers from a condition known as Sanfilippo Syndrome. I immediately agreed, as alongside raising both awareness and funds for this little chap & his family, it also offered an opportunity to build the public awareness of the new business that Mark and myself had recently started. An event had been organised which included several trader stalls of a various nature and our product line seemed to fit in nicely alongside those already commited to being part of the event. A small fee for our pitch and a donation after the event would go into the the overall collection in aid of Jacob.

The event proved to be a great success. As I understand a good amount of cash was raised for a very worthy cause & Mark Rogers served a stream of new customers with a wonderful selection of our outstanding award winning products. A win-win situation that pleased everyone.

After this event, I decided to try and help the fundraising efforts continue by putting messages out on Social Network sites. As I was already on Facebook I started there. A variety of ways were dreamt up of putting the fundraining website out into the wider arena, with the hope of ensuring a constant stream of funds towards helping little Jacob. How effective this strategy was I'm not sure ~ but ~ then came the seemingly innocuous event of a suggestion from one of my Facebook friends { Ryan Biddulph } of putting out the same messages on Twitter too. Ryan assured me that the Twitter forum was an extremely powerful way to spread awareness of any chosen subject. It seemed a great idea but I first needed to set up a Twitter account which brings me to the origin of my chosen Username "Muccazino".

On setting up my Twitter account , the realisation that my own name was already being used & not being a fan of a user ID along the lines of ,,,, CarlWatson79 or something similar ,,,, I had to quickly think of a user ID that I felt happy with. My first few attempts at coming up with an unused name tag proved to be a frustration , with at least half a dozen names coming back as unavailable. As frustration grew ,,,, something popped into my mind !

I don't know why but a memory came to me. ~ Whilst growing up my father had repeatedly told me a story of a blind beggar on the streets of a Jamaican shanty town who used to be seated at the roadside , hand stretched out , in the hope of a kindly person placing some money into his open palm. By all accounts this technique proved to be quite effective because of the memorably theatrical response that occured each time any coins were received by the beggar. My father told the story many times. Most likely because it gave him the opportunity to re-enact the scene ; and this always brought a smile to his face. It was usually the case that someone hearing the story for the first time would usually say ,,, " ,, What ??? ,,, say that again ! " ,,,, which I guess is what happened ( perhaps on a regular basis ) in the blind beggars case. Perhaps it was a great 'Marketing' ploy used by a man who had litte else to offer ?

Each time a coin was placed in the palm of this character ( whose name I don't know ) he would say the following few words. By all accounts delivered in a manner that might have seen a nomination for an academy award. ~

" Alfidirondi , di flash di funni. Oh for de cuban de boscan angel. Muccazino ; Punachi . On the day that Doctor Dolphus daughter died ~ {pause} ~ aaarrrggggghhhhhh GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU BLASTED BITCH !!! "  

Nobody who ever saw my fathers delivery of these lines would ever forget it. As for the how it was delivered by the blind beggar &  how his own audience remember it ; who knows ? But for some reason this little ditty popped into my mind whilst sat pondering a name to user as a Twitter ID. A google search on the word Muccazino turned up no < zero > results, so I thought great I'll use that.

In hindsight it seemed to fit in great with a profile picture that I had already decided to use.

And so Muccazino was born :))


Here are a few links that fit in with this true story.

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[ E ] Q ? Who asked me yesterday about the origin of the Username Muccazino ? Answer ; Mark Prosser ~

Further information about Sanfilippo Syndrome visit :  ,,,, ,,,, ~



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